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Solar Kit
The extreme kit comprises a 5 watt solar panel and 12000mAh battery – providing a hefty amount of power for users when they need it most. The Extreme battery charges both 5V and 12V devices, such as smartphones, GoPro, tablets, SLR cameras and more, whilst the solar panel charges virtually any 5V USB device directly from the power of the sun. The solar panel can also recharge the extreme battery fully within 12-16 hours of strong sunlight.

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The new extreme paves the way for battery and solar combination chargers.

Underneath the tough, rugged, waterproof casing of the extreme unit lies a massive 12,000mAh lithium battery – providing a hefty amount of power for users when they need it most.

Unlike most portable chargers, the extreme features both a 12V DC output – suitable for charging bigger devices such as SLR cameras and tablets, a 5V 2A USB output for smaller devices such as smartphones and GPS systems PLUS a bi-directional USB-C socket – meaning you can charge the very latest devices utilising USB-C charging.

These charging options make the extreme a front-runner in portable power technology and capability and give users the freedom to roam wild.

The kit includes a 5 watt solar panel which outputs 5V 1A via USB and opens to 210 degrees – perfect for fitting to a back pack or tent. The solar panel features MPPT technology which gives optimum charging in low light conditions and will not stop charging should a cloud pass over the panels.

Housed in a rugged, water resistant casing designed to withstand knocks and spills, the extreme is an essential item in your kit bag.


12000mAh battery with 5V USB and 12V DC outputs
5 watt solar panel with USB 5V 1 A output
Extreme battery includes bi-directional USB-C socket
Extreme battery is waterproof & dustproof to IP65 rating
Solar panel opens to 210° angle
Includes Velcro strap to attach to tents, backpacks, etc
Rugged outer casing made from hard-wearing materials
Lightweight and compact kit
Extreme battery capable of charging 2 devices simultaneously via the 5V USB and 12V DC sockets
USB cables and female 12V in-car charging socket included
Charges most 5V and 12V electronic devices
Box is made from recyclable materials

Kit Includes:

• Extreme Power Pack
• Extreme Solar panel
• 1x USB to USB-C connection cable
• 1x USB to Micro USB cable

• 1x USB-C to female USB Cable
• 1x Female 12V in-car charger socket
• Velcro strap


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